Fabcars Pvt. Ltd. Takes Pride In The Quality It Provides. We Take All Neccessary Measures In Order To Ensure Top-most Quality Service For Our Clients.

  1. All The  Cars  Are  Inducted  Only  After They Are Equipped With Required Accessories Like Battery Operated Torch, Umbrella, Dry Tissue Box, First Aid Kit, Reading Lamp, Duty Slip Folder Etc.
  2. He Vehicles Are Vacuum Cleaned And Washed At The Facility Installed In The Hub By The Car Washers On A Round The Clock Basis.
  3. The Vehicles Are Replenished With All The Accessories Like  Dry Tissue,  Wet  Tissue,  Mineral Water Bottle, Mint Roll, Newspapers, Magazines Etc.
  4. the Fleet Executive Conducts A Daily Checking Of Each And Every Vehicle With A Daily Check List  And Puts  a  “ready To Go” Tag For Assignments At The Airport.
  5. The Fleet  Executive  Also  Inspects  The Chauffeurs In The Morning For Their Individual Grooming, Uniform And Feedback On The Cars They Are Driving. Any Mechanical Problems Encountered By The Chauffeurs Are Recorded In The System And The Vehicles Are Sent For Necessary Repairs/servicing.
  6. When The Cars Come Back, A Car Release Report Is Made By The Security Personnel Present Round The Clock Which Covers The Thorough Checking Of All The Cars Along With The Accessories Present In The Car. Any Damage/shortfall Found Is Noted And Intimated To The Fleet Executive In The Morning.